LuLu's Fun Foods

Director of Merchandise


Gulf Shores, AL


Full Time

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Maintains knowledge of company’s products, availability and promotional events. 
  • Initiates correction for manager performance, conduct, attendance and punctuality deficiencies
  • Deploys coach and counsel and training sessions to resolve conflict within the department
  • Prepares daily, weekly and monthly merchandising plans for product display and promotion throughout all store locations
  • Sources new products and identify trends
  • Visits fashion and trade shows to look for new products and identify seasonal trends.
  • Defines, designs, and implements merchandising strategies for each store location.
  • Tracks all product shipments, making sure they arrive as scheduled.
  • Checks quality of products that are purchased and received, ensuring they are up to the standard of the company.
  • Creates calendar scheduling days for displays to be put in place with enough notice before event, holiday, etc.
  • Works in coordination with the needs of the stores to increase profitability.
  • Implements appealing and eye-catching merchandise and special promotional displays.
  • Coordinates signage with merchandising that will enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Partners with store location managers on visual merchandising goals and objectives and provide training and keep the store appearance.
  • Promotes merchandise shops daily by updating social media pages (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, etc).
  • Assists with online store development and on-going maintenance.
  • Manages new product roll-outs and ensure all sales opportunities are optimized.
  • Other duties in connection with organizational effectiveness as assigned by above supervisory staff

Financial Planning
• Develops department budgets with Director of Finance for all aspects of the Merchandise Department (buying/product line purchasing, warehouse and logistics, inventory management, gift shop operations, labor cost parameters, utilities, subscriptions, insurance, etc.)
• Continuously assess the financial performance of the department. Make adjustments as needed to performance goals, buying strategies, inventory levels, sales and promotions, etc.
• Develops labor and sales projections for each location. Utilizes knowledge of past sales and labor data along with current budgets to develop current statistics.
• Researches and implements strategies to increase merchandise sales and improve inventory systems
• Oversees the integrity of current POS system and researches potential improvements. Works with POS provider to ensure features of system are being used efficiently and meets the needs of the department
• Ensures purchasing plans and vendor contracts are in line with budget parameters.
• Partners with the Director of Finance to ensure all financial obligations are planned, approved and met in a timely manner
• Attends monthly P&L review with Director of Finance, makes adjustments for sales, revenues, and expenses. Creates sales performas
• Analyzes previous day sales for each location. Reviews the items sold, leading categories of sales and utilizes this data to help forecast future trends, sales projections, and customer shopping preferences
• Analyzes daily sales and labor data, in comparison to projections for the week and adjust each location’s staffing levels per shift to keep in line with projections and budget
• Oversees the online-store. Ensures all areas are managed efficiently (website design and maintenance, product lines included, branding and social media and visual look of site, sales and promotions, processing, shipping and fulfillment confirmations, returns, refunds, and guest communication)

Department Development
• Sets the example for professionalism, quality of work, work ethic, staff and guest relations and vendor interactions
• Provides the example and tools to Merch Managers to ensure the highest immersion of our business and merchandise culture, product knowledge, performance expectations, guest/staff engagement and team efficiencies
• Assesses the knowledge and skills of Merch Managers. Develops targeted training and reinforcements to improve any gaps
• Conducts performance review for Merch Managers. Ensures these Managers conduct training, coaching and performance reviews for their department staff in a timely and consistent manner
• Ensures the Merch Managers maintain up-to-date training materials, checklists, product knowledge guides and procedural resources
• Evaluates management-to-staff interactions. Provides training and suggestions to improve manager-employee relations
• Assists in department conflict resolution, guest dissatisfaction, and staff disciplinary action
• Works with Accounting department to resolve discrepancies with store cash register transactions and guest charges. Communicates with guest(s) and/or staff involved to ensure resolution and staff training/correction as needed
• Troubleshoots POS cash register issues, problems with cash-out procedures and balancing deposits. Ensures Store Managers are trained on procedures and common troubleshooting techniques
• Performs regular site visits at each location. Prepares site visit Agenda Checklist to ensure planned items are accomplished. Walks/works each floor and warehouse to ensure processes are being done consistently and accurately, addresses any issues and needs, engages staff to maintain rapport and assist with their concerns. Meets with location managers to give updates, action items, and to review progress on previous goals and action items

• Ensures Store Managers create seasonal staffing plans in accordance with budget goals
• Oversees the new hire staff request process, recruitment, selection, offer and onboarding of department management staff.
• Works with Human Resources to ensure pay structures are in place and updated for all department positions. Submits recommendations for promotion and pay raises to HR
• Ensures training is accomplished with managers and staff related to performance expectations, department procedures, staff and guest interactions, upsell techniques, and compliance standards
• Oversees disciplinary action related to managers, supervisors and employees. Ensures progressive discipline practices are followed and that coach and counsel sessions are properly documented

• Consistently follows up on emails, text messages and voicemails in order to provide timely assistance to Managers, staff, and Executive team members
• Initiates opportunities to receive feedback and suggestions for improvements
• Ensures all staff are trained on and understand performance expectations, guest/staff engagement and team efficiencies
• Enforces department expectations and standards
• Completes performance reviews and sets goals for each department area within Merch and the management staff
• Oversees policy and procedure creation.
• Conducts regular in-person or conference call meetings with managers to ensure financial and performance goals are being met, provide updates for product availability and reorders, resolve location issues, concerns, and needs and to assess opportunities for improvement
• Point of contact for facility related vendors, service providers and location-specific ancillary contract vendors. Addresses any discrepancies, concerns, or financial obligations, invoices and payments

Merchandising and Purchasing
• Creates the vision, standards and goals for the Merchandise Department
• Ensures Merchandise product offerings and gift shop floor layouts align with the merchandise vision, culture and brand of LuLu’s. Meets regularly with Lucy Buffett to ensure synergy, product mix offerings and proper execution of the Merchandise brand
• Assess product lines, customer buying habits and upcoming trends to develop future merchandising opportunities.
• Ensures the visual look of each gift shop meets the department vision and layout standards. Adjusts products and displays as needed on the sales floor to determine best placement to maximize exposure, sales, guest ease of shopping and visual appeal
• Ensures the floor layout, merchandising decisions, and promotions are executed seamlessly and consistently across all locations and in line with current promotions and vendor preferences for products if noted
• Responsible for department buying strategies, ensuring proper inventory levels are maintained, knowledge of product lead times and the maintenance of vendor relations
• Attends vendor shows, expos, and product venues in connection with buying strategies and vision for upcoming seasons
•Meets with vendors to communicate design ideas, custom ideas, product availability, orders & reorder needs, and to address any concerns with delivery timelines or problems with finished products
• Oversees the annual inventory sessions for each location
• Conducts routine audits and assess the sales performance of inventory items
• Oversees the purchasing of department supplies, fixtures, equipment, service needs and repairs. Determines which needs are priority and purchases/authorizes accordingly
• Evaluates current systems, processes and equipment for efficiency. Engages outside vendors to review newer systems, software, and service options. Oversees the implementation of new systems and features. Assigns department trainers and ensures training schedules are in place for each location

Inventory Management
• Oversees the set-up of each warehouse, its systems and processes. Rearranges the set-up and floor plans as necessary for greater efficiencies
• Creates the names and descriptions for products, determines cost markup and confirms retail price for inventory and POS system entry
• Authorizes invoices for payment for received merchandise, equipment and services. Ensures the accuracy of the invoiced items, quantities, price and freight charges
• Oversees annual inventory at each location. Creates and implements the inventory process and audits. Spot checks inventory counters and audits the information for system accuracy. Makes adjustments as needed and corrects errors or discrepancies.


Somos un empleador con igualdad de oportunidades y todos los candidatos calificados recibirán consideración por el empleo sin distinción de raza, color, religión, sexo, origen nacional, estado de discapacidad, estado de veterano protegido o cualquier otra característica protegida por la ley.

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Información de Empleo de Igualdad de Oportunidades en los EE. UU. (La finalización es voluntaria)

Somos un empleador con igualdad de oportunidades y todos los candidatos calificados recibirán consideración por el empleo sin distinción de raza, color, religión, sexo, origen nacional, estado de discapacidad, estado de veterano protegido o cualquier otra característica protegida por la ley.

Se le brinda la oportunidad de proporcionar la siguiente información para ayudarnos a cumplir con el mantenimiento de registros, informes y otros requisitos legales de Igualdad de Oportunidades de Empleo / Acción Afirmativa a nivel federal y estatal.

La finalización del formulario es completamente voluntaria. Cualquiera que sea su decisión, no será considerada en el proceso de contratación o posteriormente. Cualquier información que usted proporcione se registrará y mantendrá en un archivo confidencial.

Formulario CC-305
Número de control OMB 1250-0005
Vence el 31/01/2017

Autoidentificación Voluntaria de la Discapacidad

¿Por qué se te pide que completes este formulario?
Debido a que hacemos negocios con el gobierno, debemos acercarnos, contratar y brindar igualdad de oportunidades a personas calificadas con discapacidades 1 . Para ayudarnos a medir qué tan bien lo estamos haciendo, le pedimos que nos diga si usted tiene una discapacidad o si alguna vez tuvo una discapacidad. Completar este formulario es voluntario, pero esperamos que elija completarlo. Si está solicitando un empleo, cualquier respuesta que brinde se mantendrá en privado y no se usará en su contra de ninguna manera.

Si ya trabaja para nosotros, su respuesta no será utilizada en su contra de ninguna manera. Debido a que una persona puede quedar discapacitada en cualquier momento, debemos pedirles a todos nuestros empleados que actualicen su información cada cinco años. Usted puede autoidentificarse voluntariamente como discapacitado en este formulario sin temor a ningún castigo porque no se identificó como que tenía una discapacidad anteriormente.

¿Cómo sé si tengo una discapacidad?
Se considera que tiene una discapacidad si tiene un impedimento físico o mental o una condición médica que limita sustancialmente una actividad principal de la vida, o si tiene un historial o un registro de dicho impedimento o condición médica.

Las discapacidades incluyen, pero no están limitadas a:

  • Ceguera
  • Sordera
  • Cáncer
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsia
  • Autismo
  • Parálisis cerebral
  • Esquizofrenia
  • Distrofia muscular
  • Desorden bipolar
  • Depresión mayor
  • Esclerosis múltiple (MS)
  • Ausencia de extremidades o parcialmente ausentes
  • Trastorno de estrés postraumático (TEPT)
  • Desorden obsesivo compulsivo
  • Deficiencias que requieren el uso de una silla de ruedas
  • Discapacidad intelectual (anteriormente llamada retraso mental)

Aviso de Acomodación Razonable

La ley federal requiere que los empleadores proporcionen adaptaciones razonables a personas calificadas con discapacidades. Díganos si necesita un alojamiento razonable para solicitar un trabajo o para realizar su trabajo. Los ejemplos de ajustes razonables incluyen hacer un cambio en el proceso de solicitud o en los procedimientos de trabajo, proporcionar documentos en un formato alternativo, usar un intérprete de lenguaje de señas o usar equipo especializado.

1 Sección 503 de la Ley de Rehabilitación de 1973, según enmendada. Para obtener más información sobre este formulario o las obligaciones de empleo igual de los contratistas federales, visite el sitio web de la Oficina del Programa de Cumplimiento de Contratos Federales (OFCCP) del Departamento de Trabajo de los EE. UU. a

DECLARACIÓN DE CARGAS PÚBLICAS: De acuerdo con la Ley de Reducción de Papeleo de 1995, no se requiere que ninguna persona responda a una recopilación de información a menos que tal colección muestre un número de control OMB válido. Esta encuesta debe tomar alrededor de 5 minutos para completarse.

Si cree que pertenece a alguna de las categorías de veteranos protegidos que figuran a continuación, indíquelo haciendo la selección adecuada. Como contratista del gobierno sujeto a la Ley de Asistencia para el Reajuste de Veteranos de la Era de Vietnam (VEVRAA), solicitamos esta información para medir la efectividad de los esfuerzos de alcance y reclutamiento positivo que llevamos a cabo de conformidad con VEVRAA. La clasificación de las categorías protegidas es la siguiente:

Un "veterano discapacitado" es uno de los siguientes: un veterano de los servicios militares, terrestres, navales o aéreos de los EE. UU. Que tiene derecho a una indemnización (o quién, salvo el pago militar jubilado, tendría derecho a una indemnización) según las leyes administradas por el Secretario de Asuntos de Veteranos; o una persona que fue dada de alta o liberada del servicio activo debido a una discapacidad relacionada con el servicio.

Un "veterano recientemente separado" se refiere a cualquier veterano durante el período de tres años que comienza en la fecha de la descarga o liberación de dicho veterano del servicio activo en el servicio militar, terrestre, naval o aéreo de los EE. UU.

Un "veterano de tiempo de guerra en servicio activo o insignia de campaña" significa un veterano que estuvo en servicio activo en el servicio militar, terrestre, naval o aéreo de los EE. UU. Durante una guerra o en una campaña o expedición para la cual se ha autorizado una insignia de campaña según las leyes. administrado por el Departamento de Defensa.

Un "veterano de la medalla del servicio de las Fuerzas Armadas" significa un veterano que, mientras estaba en servicio activo en el servicio militar, terrestre, naval o aéreo de los EE. UU., participó en una operación militar de los Estados Unidos por la cual se otorgó una medalla de servicio de las Fuerzas Armadas 12985.